Ultimate Things To Do In China

Wondering the ultimate things to do in China for your next vacation? Here we give you several ideas on what to do in China and top things to do in China as well. You probably already checked China tourism package but making your own itinerary is better and more satisfying!

  1. Take a stroll on the Great Wall of China

Yes! The Great Wall of China should be on your top of the top list! What’s the point of flying to China if you don’t visit the Great Wall of China? Take a stroll on the Great Wall of China and admire the long history of People’s Republic of China. Nobody really knows the exact length of this Great Wall. They build this wall to protect the city from Mongol’s attack and upcoming wars. The world recognizes this Great Wall as one of the 7 Wonder in the World! The best time to visit this Great Wall is in spring and autumn. Many people around the world come to China to see the greatness of this wall. And they all are impressed.

 2. Hike in Zhiangjiajie National Forest Park

Zhiangjiajie National Forest Park has unique geographical and geological features. It is also home for a vast number of flora and fauna. UNESCO already listed Zhiangjiajie as one of the world heritage since 1992. Whenever you come to this forest park, don’t you dare to litter and damage the vegetation! It’s a shame! Zhiangjiajie National Forest Park become more popular since its appearance in Avatar Movie. After hike the many stairs, you will across the sky walk, a glass bridge with really beautiful view, you might see how deep the cliff beneath your feet is. It is also possible to enjoy this national forest park with cable car! It’s really safe for infants and seniors!

3. Admire the Confucius Temple 

This temple was built in 1302. The Confucius Temple pays tribute to China’s greatest sage and his lasting legacy. The temple is unique, that it is dedicated to a mortal rather than a deity. Regardless, worshippers come here to offer gifts and sacrifices much like those seen at Buddhist and Taoist temples. This temple consists of four courtyards. The main structures are Xianshi Gate (Gate of the First Teacher), Dacheng Gate (Gate of Great Accomplishment), Dacheng Hall (Hall of Great Accomplishment) and Chongshengci (Worship Hall). Some memorial ceremonies are oftenly held in this temple as well. Another interesting place ro explore, right?

4. Dumpling, dumpling, dumpling!

Because we gotta eat! And dumpling is a perfect choice while in China! There are many places to find a good dumpling. Since you are in China, any kind of dumpling here is yummy! This steamed fluffy dough with various filling is a must try food in China! Dumpling, dumpling, dumpling! Because one is never enough!