Bali Car Rental: Where to Hire a Car in Bali

xenia bali
xenia bali

If you want to have a holiday in Bali, you must know that Bali car rental is very crucial. Before flying all the way to this tropical island, I bet almost every traveler does a research first. If you do, you know why you need this service very much, don’t you? This explains why this business is flourishing in Bali.

Bali is a unique little paradise. Here, you will find bunches of tourists of all kinds, and also sacred temples as well as relaxing spas. However, there aren’t many comfortable public transportations yet. Of course, the government and Balinese residences have done a lot to accommodate travelers to get around South Bali. You can find taxis, online and conventional ones, and also buses. But the system and ‘culture’ are pretty confusing. And, sometimes the rate of conventional taxis is overpriced too. That’s not good for your budget.

While there are indeed some public transportations, like the Kura Kura Bus and Komotra, both don’t cover many places in Bali. The Kura Kura Bus mostly only go around the South Bali areas, while komotra is most commonly visible in Kuta Beach. You can’t rely on them if, let’s say, you want to explore North Bali areas like Lovina or West Bali areas like Menjangan Island. The best way to explore Bali and know more about this beautiful island is by hiring a private car. With this, you and your group will be able to travel comfortably, without having to worry about the road and the traffic.

This will do better if you hire a car with driver. This way, your driver will be the one who navigate the confusing road and heavy traffic in Bali. The car is air conditioned, so you’ll definitely feel the comfort while you go from one place to another.

Now, where can you hire a car in Bali? You don’t need to go around asking locals about it. Even before you arrive, you can book the car you need. Just contact the staff of Wandernesia by making a reservation from their website at There, you can choose a selection of car that suits your need and preference. Not only 6-seated or 12-seat car, you will find luxury car rental too in their website. This is perfect if you want to have people admire you while you are in Bali. If you plan to travel to Bali, for leisure or business occasion, you can rely on Wandernesia for almost everything you need in this island. (YAP)